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What is this?

Woodshed.in is an online lead sheet editor to allow you to quickly create lead sheets with a monophonic melody, chord symbols, and lyrics and store them in a cloud storage account (e.g. Dropbox, Box, or Nextcloud) or on your local disk.

For more information, see the manual and our privacy policy.

For bug reports, help requests, and other discussion, please use our Discord channels.

If you prefer e-mail, you can contact us at feedback AT woodshed.in

What does this cost?

At the moment, this site is absolutely free to use. I don't anticipate ever turning it into a for-profit enterprise, but I might potentially look at sources of revenue to offset operating costs if those should become non-trivial.

Will this lock me into proprietary formats?

Interoperability of music software is always tricky. I aim to use standard formats as much as possible:

This should allow you to take your music and import it into a wide variety of other software.

What's new?

  • Fix groove selection
  • Support storing multiple variations of a song (e.g. verse/chorus, different transpositions, etc) in the same folder.
  • Support renaming and deleting songs from the home page.
  • Fix uploads of song titles with accented characters to imgbb and DeviantArt.
  • Fix representation of dim7 chords in Lilypond.
  • Upgrade to latest Vapor, Swift 5.5, and Python 3.
  • Implement new, arguably improved tuple editing model.
  • Fix SVG validation errors.
  • Fix lyric editing bugs introduced by overly optimistic caching.
  • Implement benchmarking infrastructure.
  • Improve performance in multiple ways
  • Fix several serious thread and memory leaks.
  • Refine undo mechanism.
  • Tweak control scheme for slurs, ties, and tuplets.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Upgrade to Vapor 4. This should not be user visible, apart from possibly slightly improved performance.
  • Added automatic test suites for multiple browsers, run with Selenium
  • New storage options: Added Box and Nextcloud/Owncloud as storage alternatives to Dropbox.
  • New output formats: (A)PNG, SVG, WAV, MP3.
  • Sharing options:
    • Image sharing via DeviantArt, imgbb, and Imgur.
    • Audio sharing via 4shared and SndUp.
  • Implement PDF formatting options (paper size, font, padding, etc)
  • Numerous bug fixes, including browser compatibility issues.
  • Fix groove selection dialog.
  • Fix syllable placement and repeat barlines in lilypond output.
  • Revise editing controls for a more efficient work flow. A single click (or lowercase keyboard shortcut) will only change modes for the next click and revert to note mode afterward. A double click or uppercase keyboard shortcut will change modes persistently, as before.
  • Implement keyboard shortcuts for menu items.
  • Implement N.C. symbol.
  • Implement 2:1 and 4:1 splits for editing short notes.
  • Fix some egregious bugs.
  • Maintain song state across server reboots, so upgrades should be mostly transparent to users.
  • Improve error reporting.
  • Implement cookie notice.
  • Add performance instrumentation.
  • Update documentation to point to support resources.
  • Enable compressed HTTP requests, which should vastly reduce the amount of data transmitted.
  • Implement coda, segno, and rehearsal marks.
  • Use proper bar lines at the end, and at section boundaries.
  • Implement playback controls: fast forward, rewind, slow down, rate change.
  • Upgraded to Swift 5
  • Added rudimentary manual
  • Implemented groove picker
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • First release of a minimal viable site